5.3: Identify potential for further digital applications, projects & value

Chapter: 5. Identify Further Digital Value

Integrate your RDV plan and Develop your Business Case

  • Business Drivers
    • External
    • Internal
  • Investment Objectives
    • To simplify and automate all business transactions
    • To integrate key processes and systems
    • To improve financial control of business assets and resources
  • Benefits
  • Project costs
    • Hardware, software, consultants, internal systems development, configuration, infrastructure upgrades, business change, training, hosting, maintenance
  • Financial Project Return
  • Risk Analyis
    • Technical
    • Financial
    • Organisational
    • Ethical

There is a plethora of free and very useful guides, resources and workbooks that can be found online from private, public and government sectors. A little bit of ‘Googling’ is a worthwhile endeavour to save a lot of time in developing your own business case

A very useful and comprehensive online resource with free access is provided by Solution Matrix Ltd for understanding Benefits and value for developing your business case