The challenge

Chapter: Overview

Digital Challenges

The post-pandemic world, replete with unheralded economic and geopolitical changes have surfaced complex and difficult challenges for digital technology innovators, developers and users. The challenges are manifold:

  1. Digital technology innovators, both in the UK private and public sectors, are typically constrained by procurement processes because they do not usually have the bidding infrastructure, time, knowledge and experience for writing successful technology-led business cases.

  2. Understanding and navigating all of the technical, economic, social, political, cultural and ethical complexities, with competing requirements and constraints both within and across organisations, represent significant challenges to the successful design and adoption of digital innovations.

  3. Some of the complexities include dealing with the constraints of legacy systems which can be costly or difficult to integrate and replace. The people who need to be involved in strategy, specifications, design, development and adoption, are often too busy to tell you what they need and there are conflicting stakeholder views on priorities, needs, strategic imperatives, user and technical requirements.

  4. There is a need for urgent development and deployment of digital innovations, but budgetary constraints often inhibit proper planning for transformational change, learning and training of users.

  5. Responding to these challenges, the Realising Digital Value (RDV) Playbook, aims to equip digital innovators and digital project teams with a means to think systemically about how to achieve transformational impact, deal with complex challenges, and translate innovative ideas into successful business cases and actionable plans for realising the value from digital innovations.