2.5: Plan realisation of digital value & management

Chapter: 2. Plan Realisation of Digital Value
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RDV Network Example

Use the template provided, or another of your choice, to chart your RDV, make dependencies, and contextualise it. You can do this at multiple levels from strategic to more operational layers.

T 1, 2 etc Digital Tech and IS/IT Enablers

P 1, 2 etc. Socio-technical Enabling Changes, Policies and Practices

C 1, 2 etc Business, cultural or organisational changes

V 1, 2 etc. Business or health/wellbeing Social, Economic, Cultural & Ethical Value

D 1, 2 etc. Strategic Drivers, Investment or other objectives

Hint: You may also want to produce 4 versions of this RDV network Template. Each version to focus on the four key dimensions of Value comprising: Social, Economic, Cultural and Ethical (SECE).

Click on the link to access a Blank template for download, copy and completion.

Download - Blank Template: