1.5: Identify & define digital opportunities and structure problems

Chapter: 1. Define Digital Opportunities

Define your project’s anticipated outputs, outcomes and impacts

Output, Outcome, Impact

Further reading about Technology-enabled care, business models, and a case study can be found by clicking on the url below.

Bhattacharya, S., Wainwright, D., Whalley, J. (2022) Value and Sustainability in technology-enabled care services: a case study from north east England, Journal of Public Money and Management, Value and sustainability in technology-enabled care services: a case study from north-east England

Fill in the Template below: you can use it as many times as necessary working down from a strategic to a more detailed operational level.

Click on the link to access a Blank template for copy and completion:
Download - Blank Template:

Make the appropriate linkages and causal connections between outputs, outcomes and impacts.