1.2: Identify & define digital opportunities and structure problems

Chapter: 1. Define Digital Opportunities
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Answer the following value/benefits questions about your project; its current state, the opportunities afforded, and the future vision

  1. What is the current diagnosis of the problem situation?
  2. What current and future challenges could the project resolve?
  3. What are the opportunities and the anticipated future vision?
  4. Who are the stakeholders?
  5. What are the stakeholders aims, expectations?
  6. What are the stakeholders concerns, fears?
  7. What difference will your project make to them?
  8. What types of value and impact will your project deliver?
  9. How can you evidence any value and proposed impact?
  10. What are the organisation’s key performance indicators?
  11. How will your project directly/indirectly help achieve them?

Create a balanced scorecard of value/benefits for your project recreating the 2x2 example (dental referral system) matrix below

Zone of Effect
Quality of Care, Clinical outcomes
  • more accurate care bcs of more accurate information
  • shorter waits to better outcomes and earlier treatment
  • care including special needs eg dementia
System costs
  • less duplication
  • fewer errors
  • lower costs
  • faster accurate payements
  • right first time, reduced queries
Paitent Experience
  • shorter waits (whilst in pain)
  • more confidence in invoices
  • less anxiety that correct information is with dentist
Staff R&R, Staff Satisfaction
  • most time on looking after paitents, less on data capture and filling in forms
  • less anxiety of getting things wrong/ having wrong information
  • more confidence in quality of care
  • get their lunchtimes back
  • safety, know what to expect from eg violent paitents