2.2: Plan realisation of digital value & management

Chapter: 2. Plan Realisation of Digital Value
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  1. Who are all the Stakeholders? – and most importantly, including the end-users, clients or patients
  2. What will the impacts & value (of the Digital App) mean to these different stakeholders?
  3. What Evidence do you have, or could compile, for these?
  4. Can you identify both Qualitative/Quantitative data and evidence?
  5. What’s next?: Pilot/ Trial/ Evidence/ Funding?
  6. What do you need? (Executive/Cultural buy-in/ Support/ Funding/ Time/ Systems integration, Developers, Knowledge, Skills, Creativity, Talent)
  7. Who can help you? What organizational culture do they conform to?
  8. Do you know someone who has been successful in this process? Ask them to see if you can see their business case & project plan.
  9. Do you know someone who is a supporter of your work that holds a position of power?

Make a Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis