Lifecycle activities

Chapter: Overview
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Realising Digital Value (RDV)

RDV: 5 Stages


  1. Identify & define digital opportunities and structure problems
  • Analyse the drivers to determine the investment objectives
  • Identify the benefits & value that will result by achieving the objectives and how they will be measured
  • Establish ownership of the benefits & value
  • Identify the changes required and stakeholder implications
  • Produce first cut business case
  1. Plan realisation of digital value & management
  • Finalise measurements of benefits, value and changes
  • Obtain agreement of all stakeholders to responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Produce benefits & value plan and investment case
  1. Develop & evaluate digital application prototypes; Execute RDV plan
  • Manage the change programmes
  • Review progress against the benefits & value plan
  1. Review and evaluate digital application project results
  • Formally assess the benefits & value achieved or otherwise
  • Initiate action to gain outstanding benefits & value where feasible
  • Identify lessons for other projects
  1. Identify potential for further digital applications, projects & value
  • Identify additional improvements through business changes and initiate action
  • Identify additional benefits & value from further IT investment
From: Ward, J and Daniel, E.M. (2012) “Benefits Management: How to increase the Business Value of Your IT Projects”, 2nd Edition, Wiley