5.1: Identify potential for further digital applications, projects & value

Chapter: 5. Identify Further Digital Value

Make the Business Case for Change and Future Benefits

Investment Proposal

Example of Benefits for Nurse Rostering Application

Structuring Benefits - eRostering

Degree of Explicitness
Do New Things
Do Things Better
Stop Doing Things
£500K cost reduction in temporary staffing cost (Spend on bank shifts and agency shifts per roster)
£500K cost reduction in temporary staffing costs (removal of unusued contracted hours)
Forecast cost reduction of 1.5 whole time equivalent based on supplier's pilot analysis
More productive use of staff (substantive staff hours utilised and % of shifts filled by temporary staff)
Improved Payroll accuracy (% of staff paid incorrectly or number of payroll queries)
Easier access to workforce information (ability to identify trends in data)
Improved flexible working (observation of work/life balance)
Reduction in time on admin tasks (time released from ward manager's day)