3.2: Develop & evaluate digital application prototypes; Execute RDV plan

Chapter: 3. Develop/Evaluate Digital Application Prototypes
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Check your performance measures against the following criteria and characteristics

Criteria for effective performance measures

To the organisation's strategy and able to demonstrate progress towards achievement
Well Defined
Ckear and unambiguous, easy to understand both in terms of the definition of the measures and how it is calculated
Those whose performance is being measured can influence the result by their own actions and are not dependent on the performance of others
They cannot be misinterpreted - the assumptions and limitations of the measures are understood

(HM Treasury, 2001)

Characteristics for good performance measures

No more measures than are necessary, clearly linked to and priortised in relation to the organisation's strategy
To the people who will use the information to improve performance - presentation tailored to different users
To cover all areas of business and organisational activity - different types of measures to reflect different stakeholders' interests
Not dependent on ways of working and organisational structures - not sensitive to organisational changes
Part of the business planning process and linked to individual and organisational success criteria
Cost effective
In terms of the cost of data collection and timeliness for use in decision making

(HM Treasury, 2001)