3.1: Develop & evaluate digital application prototypes; Execute RDV plan

Chapter: 3. Develop/Evaluate Digital Application Prototypes

Link the Types of Benefits/Value with their proposed Performance Measures for your Project

Degree of explicitness
Do new things
Do things better
Stop doing things
By applying a cost/price or other valid financial formula to a quantifiable benefit a financial value can be calculated
Sufficient evidence exists to forecast how much improvement and benefit should result from the changes
This aspect of performance is currently being measured or an approriate measure could be implemented. Bit it is not possible to estimate by how much performance will improve when the changes are complete
By use of agreed criteria, specific individuals/groups will decide, based on their experience or judgement, to what extent the benefit has been realised

Copy and complete this template to contextualise your project’s types of measures and how they relate to the 3 criteria:

  1. Doing new and innovative things
  2. Doing things better, more effectively
  3. Stopping doing unnecessary activities or things that do not add any value

Click on the link for a Blank Template For Types of Measures.

Download - Blank Template: