4.5: Review and evaluate digital application project results

Chapter: 4. Review Digital Application Projects
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SROI – Produce your own SROI Impact Map

If you conclude that the Social Return on Investment (SROI) Methodology and Techniques will be useful to help you develop your Business Case and Benefits Realisation Plan, you should read the very informative SROI guide from the SROI network. This contains a worked example of Meals on Wheels.

You can then adopt those elements of the method that will be contextually relevant and useful for your Digital Applications innovation in order to assess the potential stakeholders, outputs, outcomes and impacts.

These can then be illustrated qualitatively and quantitatively (not forgetting to use proxy measurements where necessary) and even ‘moneytised’ using Present Value and Net Present Value techniques for financial accounting purposes.

SROI: Downloads and Impact MapTemplate

You can download the SROI Network Impact Map Template (Excel Spreadsheet) which is a resource for determining and analysing SROI both quantitively and qualitatively using the url link provided here: https://www.socialvalueuk.org/resource/blank-value-map/