1.3: Identify & define digital opportunities and structure problems

Chapter: 1. Define Digital Opportunities
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Start thinking about some potential value & benefits from the effective deployment of your application

Example: Value & Benefits for Healthcare Open-Source Systems and Apps

  • Offloading tasks
  • Logging data
  • Digitisation of paper-based tasks
  • Time-saving
  • Money-saving
  • Improves patient experience / quality of interaction
  • Increases time with patient
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Improving audit capabilities
  • Decrease in documentation
  • Centralised data collection / shared between hospitals
  • Realtime data awareness (not just annual audit info)
  • Whole ward overviews & real-time data awareness
  • Improved medical & Social Care

More Examples: ODONTO/Dental Services Application:

More Examples: Other Open-Source Digital Technology Applications:

More Value/Benefits: Some Health Service Examples

  • Improving communication for isolated patients
  • Reducing workload on staff
  • Personalising & Socialising care provision
  • Safeguarding, improving Wellbeing
  • Improved accuracy in charting information
  • Self managing chronic illnesses
  • Providing technical knowledge
  • Reducing need for appointments
  • Collective problem solving
  • Data capture & research framework
  • Personalisation of treatment
  • Creates data for Analysis (Healthcare Analytics)
  • Provides opportunity to harness AI applications
  • Enables enhanced recovery
  • Reduces Bed-time – Frees up Occupancy